The Painted Pony Resort

An Escape To Tranquil Beauty



The Painted Pony Resort is an ideal base of operations for observing the wildlife of the boot-heel.  It’s central location in the San Simon Valley allows access to the Chiricahua Mountains, Peloncillo Mountains and the boot-heel. Make sure to plan some  wildlife day trips while staying at PPR.

A PPR resident Roadrunners perched on one of the adobe walls outside a guest house.

The best access to the Chiricahua Mountains is through Cave Creek Canyon located directly west of the Painted Pony Resort and is considered one of the  top 200 birding sites in North America or choose another of Arizona's birding hotspots.

Birding and Wildlife Observation at The Painted Pony Resort

A PPR resident Calliope Hummingbird perched on one of the trees outside the main house.

Birding Tours -- The Sky Islands of the basin and range region of the southwest are exceptional sites for bird watching or observing general wildlife. The north south orientation of these mountain ranges provide migratory corridors between Central and North America at elevations up to 10,000 ft. In addition to endemic species found year round, migrations of a number or sub tropical rare species move through the area at different times of the year. 375 avian species have been identified in and around the Chiricahua Mountains and many local naturalists maintain feeding stations to attract local birds. A number of commercial operations offer birding tours as well as local naturalists, or you can strike out on your own into the Coronado National Forest, with a stop by the American Museum of Natural History Southwest Research Station to update your species checklist of the Chiricahua Mountains or New Mexico.

Yucca Plants In Bloom - In Front of Main House

March 15, 2015