The Painted Pony Resort

An Escape To Tranquil Beauty



Family Reunions Are a Favorite at The Painted Pony Resort

What a fantastic place for a family Reunion or Anniversary Celebration!  No one to share the pool with and all areas exclusively for you and your family.

Whether it is watching the game in the living room on the big screen TV, hanging out by the pool, or exploring the estate each family member can pursue their own interests in a communal atmosphere.

Combined with day trips to various locations, family members can create their own vacation with a reunion.

Visit Davidson’s Mini Dreams Ranch

The kids will love Davidson’s Mini Dreams Ranch just 10 minutes from Painted Pony Resort.  The Davidson’s ranch hosts people of all ages and from anywhere to interact with MINIATURE HORSES.  Locally trained volunteers come to the ranch to help guests with the little horses. 


Often times families will drive out to spend a couple of hours or a day at the ranch with the horses. 


Ranch owners Alicia and Tom Davidson enjoy “teaching” visitors about MINIATURE HORSES as well as their “off the grid” home.

Chiricahua Desert Museum, Rodeo, NM

Bob and Sheri Ashley of The Chiricahua Desert Museum in Rodeo, NM (NM's premier rattlesnake educational outreach and exhibit) have a fantastic Museum and can also provide the family educational events. 

Careful scientific observation, highly entertaining anecdotes, a passion for rattlesnakes, unique insight and commitment to coexistence with wildlife make this museum a must see while at the Painted Pony. 

Ashley maintains the largest and rarest collection of rattle snakes in the history of the State of New Mexico, encompassing a very diverse group of nearly 100 animals. The Museum also has a large and unusual art collection and a great gift shop. 

Go On a Wilderness Hiking 

There are experts in the area on many of the Wilderness trails who will lead you and your family on a 4 hour hike in the beautiful Chiricahua Mountains.  There are over 10 hiking trails to choose from with full descriptions of each trail on our personal web site.  Bring your camera!    

More Information on Wilderness Hiking Museum

For more information on Hiking Trails available click:  Hiking Trails.  For more information click: Chiricahua Desert Museum.

Of course you always have access to the following activities at PPR at no additional charge:

     Lounging by the pool                                               Horseshoes    

     Soaking in Hot Tub                                                  Water Polo

     Ping Pong                                                                Bocce Ball

     Star Gazing                                                             Ladder Toss Game

     Relaxing by the patio fireplace                               Basketball

     Pool Table                                                              Ping Pong Table