The Painted Pony Resort

An Escape To Tranquil Beauty



★       Where do we fly into and how long is the drive to PPR from the Airport?

You can fly to Tucson or El Paso.  If coming from the East it is probably better to fly into El Paso, TX.  If coming from the West it is probably better to fly into Tucson, AZ.  The drive time from Tucson is around 2.5 hours and the drive from El Paso is around 3 hours.  Both are pleasant and interesting drives that become part of the your adventure.  From El Paso it is a straight wide open drive though the high desert of New Mexico and from Tucson Airport you drive through Texas Canyon.  The best thing to do is to go to on of the on-line travel sites and see where the best rate exits at your time of reservation.

★       What is the weather like in June and should I bring a jacket or sweater for the evenings?

The quick answer is that in June you might need a jacket or sweater early in the morning until around 10 am but probably would not need a jacket or sweater in the evenings.    

Here is a link for everything you ever wanted to know about our weather:   Historical Weather Data for Rodeo, NM

In the table on the above link the average low is recored in the morning at sunrise and the temperature in the NM High Desert rises quickly after the sun comes up.    The temperature will be about half way to the average maximum in the table by around 10 am.    For example, in June the temperature would be around 80 degrees by 10 am, steadily rising to the average maximum temperature around 2 PM or 95 degrees, this being the average maximum temperature in June.    From 2 PM the temperature drops slowly until the sun goes down.    Once the sun does set the temperature will drop more quickly eventually to the average minimum, which is 64 degrees in June.    Early evening will still be warm in June with the temperature averaging around 80 degrees.    Also, consider that the sun shines on most days in the Boot Heel of NM and we are at an elevation of over 4,000 feet.  The air is thiner and dryer than at sea level.  The effect is that you are less likely to experience "cold, damp air" or "hot, humid air. ”  The weather man likes to use the term "real feel" to express the effects that humidity has on how hot or cold we feel.  With high humidity, like in Washington DC or Seattle Washington, real-feel temperatures feels hotter in the summer and colder in the winter.  In our drier air and more direct sun you might feel comfortable on a 30-40 degree winter day with the sun shining brightly.    Or you would be uncomfortable in DC with 95 degrees and high humidity but might feel comfortable in our lower humidity climate at the same temperature.         

★       Could you tell us more about the set up for your two kitchens in the Guest House and Main House? First, on our Slide Show we have several pictures of both kitchens.  There are 8 place settings in the guest house and 20 in the main house.    There is a 1 qt and a 1.5 qt cook pot with a 7" and 9" fry pans in the guest house.    On the Slide Show we have included a photograph of the cooking pots and pans from the main house.    In addition, there are a number of large baking pans, 2 blenders, and toasters in both houses.    Stoves in both the main house and guest house are 4 burner electric ranges and both have stoves.    There are also microwaves in all 3 buildings along with coffee pots.      

★       Can we check in before 3 PM? You can check in early if we don't have guests checking out and have had time to clean up after the last rental.   

We enforce a 3 PM check-in time if we have concurrent rentals and need time to prepare for your stay.  If we do not have guests checking out on your check-in day you can come anytime you want.       

★       Is the water potable?

Our water comes from two deep wells on the property that produce very good, clean water with no taste.    Some people insist on having bottled water but we don't believe this is necessary.  

★       Could you tell us more about the Refrigerator and Freezer storage space?

We have pictures of all refrigerators and freezers on in our Slide Show about half way down the page of pictures.  The interior space of refrigerators and freezers are as follows (all dimension are in width, depth,  and then height):

Main House Kitchen Refrigerator:     Refrigerator space    18 x 20 x 60  Freezer space           12.5 x 14.5 x 51 (with ice maker) and 62 inches w/o ice-maker

Freezers in Main House Garage: Upright freezer 28.5 x 17 x 57.5  Chest freezer  28 x 18 x 18.5 (floor to top)

Commercial Refrigerator in Main House Garage:   24 x 24 x 53 inches

Guest House Refrigerator space:  7.5 x 22.5 x 61  Freezer space     2.5 x14.5 x 61 inches (w/o ice maker)

Bungalow Small Refrigerator:   14 x12 x16      

★       If we want to have meals brought in or prepared for us on-site, is this available?    

Yes.  Guests wishing a break from meal preparation can have meals prepared for groups of any size.    Local resources for food preparation include:

Chef Erinn Enriquez -

Debbie Bernard from the  Rodeo Tavern (520) 558-2417

Jackie Lewis from the  George Walker House (575) 558-2287

Jerry and Jennifer Racicot from the  La Beuna Vida Farm   520-558-00367

Kelly's Katering , Kelly Peterson, Animas NM    575-574-0283

Please contact these local resources for a special meal for your group while staying at the Painted Pony Resort.  

One of our wedding parties also used the Chipotle Grill in Sierra Vista to cater their wedding.    

★       What other resources are available locally to help with a large function such as a wedding?

We have hosted a wedding party of over 100 people.  Please see below information on Wedding Planning or contact us.  We provide lots of information for anyone wanting to do it yourself our you can work with one of our reasonably priced Wedding Planners.

★       Do you have a barbecue grill and what is the cooking area like?    

We provide propane and have grilling utensils. There are two outdoor gas  BBQ grills.

★       My only question is that we like to have family meals together.  I see a table that seats 8 in the main house. Is there another table that would seat 7 for the grandchildren?

Answer: Yes, there are several options.  The office area which is right next to the dinning room already has tables that would work for the 7 grandchildren.  Also, for dinning people usually spread out on the counter space or spill over into the adjoining living room or use the chairs just outside the dinning area doors.  You can also use the Courtyard outside for dinning.  There is a table under the Cabana just outside the Main House Kitchen on the Courtyard that  seats 8 people and also plenty of chairs and smaller tables.

★       Do you provide liens and towels?

A set of linens and towels are provided for guests during your stay.  All beds are made with top and bottom sheet, blanket, comforter, and pillows. A large bath towel, hand towel, and wash cloth, as well as bar soap and shampoo is provided.  The distribution of bath towels is:

1.  Main House      

      A.  Master Bedroom, single king sized bed - 2 sets of bath towels      

      B.  Bedroom 2, single queen bed - 2 sets of bath towels      

      C.  Bedroom 3, 2 twin beds - 2 sets of bath towels      

      D.  Bedroom 4, 2 queen beds - 2 sets of bath towels      

      E.  Bedroom 5, 2 double beds - 2 sets of bath towels

2.  Guest House      

      A.  Master bedroom , single king sized bed - 2 sets of bath towels      

      B.  Bedroom 2, 2 twin beds - 2 sets of bath towels      

      C.  Bedroom 3, single queen bed - 2 sets of bath towels

3.  Bungalow:  Custom King sized bed - 2 sets of bath towels

All bathrooms have hand towels as well as a roll of paper towels and toilet paper.  

A supply of large beach towels (12) is available for hot tub and pool use.  The kitchen is stocked with a supply of cooking towels.  

There is no daily maid service unless arranged with our local help.  However, guests may use our Guest House laundry room.  Or you may make arrangements for local cleaning services for an additional charge.        

★       Is there internet access?    

Yes, we have wireless Internet access in all buildings.   The internet service available is using DSL technology from our rural telecom provided.  This is the best service we can get in our remote location and is slow compared to what you might have at home if you have Cable or FIOS.  It is not usually a problem unless we have guests who heavily use the internet then things will slow down. The download speed is 5 megabits per second and upload is .5 megabits per second.    Uploading will take away from the download speed.  It is recommended that large files are not uploaded during times when others may be using the internet.  If you are uploading a large file and using the .5 megabits upload then there will be no bandwidth left for downloading until your file is finished uploading. No internet service between the Main Complex and Air Hanger.    We can not guarantee a quality connection 100% of the time.  Occasionally we will need to reset devices or experience interference. Heavy internet usage by multiple guests will slow the system down and at times the connection is lost requiring resetting the DSL modem.          

★       Cell phones work? Yes, there is cell phone service in our area.      

★       What about land line phone service and making long distance calls from your phones?

Yes, you can make both long distance and local phone calls at no extra charge.  

★       Is there a coffee pot?    (I know it is probably a silly question but still for the caffeine addicts an important one)

There are coffee pots in each building and we would not think of being without coffee either!   We also have a large 60 cup coffee machine.     

★       Is there a blender?  Is there a food processor or chopper?  

There is a blender in the main house and a ninja chopper in the Guest House.      

★       Is there an assortment of large saucepans, stock pots, baking pans for the oven?    We'll be cooking for 10-12 people.  Is there an assortment of basic cooking utensils such as potato peelers, spatulas, knives, chopping boards, etc.?

There are 2 kitchens and both have lots of pots and pans and other cooking equipment.  You should have what you need.  Check out our Slide Show for pictures of most of our cooking equipment.        If there is something you need we will purchase items to make sure you have what you need for all your food preperation.

★       Can we have packages sent to us if needed?  If so, what is the proper mailing address?

The US Postal Service does not delivery mail to our Resort.  Other shippers like UPS and FedEx do deliver on a regular basis.  Address all items to:  Painted Pony Resort, 257 Painted Pony Road, Rodeo, NM  88056.      

★       Once we get to Rodeo, what are the directions to the PPR?

Our turn off from HWY 80 is Nighthawk, Rd.  This is marked prominently by a large Green Barn with the signage:  Chiricahua Mountain Event Center & Lodge.  It will be a left hand turn approximately 4 miles prior to Rodeo -- if you are traveling South on HWY 80.  Going South on if you get to Rodeo you have gone too far.  If you coming North on HWY 80, then you will go through Rodeo and turn right onto Nighthawk Rd.  Once you have turned onto Nighthawk Road you will follow Nighthawk Rd and it will eventually turn into Painted Pony Road.  Keep on this road straight through the narrow cattle guard.  After you go through the narrow cattle guard the road will make a turn to the left and become Painted Pony Road. The total distance from when you turn off HWY 80 to PPR&D is approximately 4 miles of dirt road.  The Road ends at the entrance to Painted Pony Resort.  The entrance is a cattle guard and you can see the buildings to your left when you make the turn off of Painted Pony Road onto the property.  GPS Locator:   31 54.265 N 109 0.588 W

Here is a link to a map for driving directions:  Click for Google Map Directions from I-10        

★       Where do we shop to stock up on things for our stay?

There is a Walmart and a Target in Douglas, AZ about a 45 minute drive away.     You can also buy food at the local store in Animas, NM.  Or on your drive from Tucson or El Paso stop at one of the Walmarts along the way. The closest store is The Valley Mercantile  in Animas, NM about 15 miles from PPR.  Please go to their web site for a nice picture of their grocery selection or call them to find out if they carry what you want:  (575) 548-2291. You may also want to consider purchasing food and having it delivered by  Schwans Food Service.  The service our area on a regular bases and our Estate Manager uses the for his own food needs.  Feel free to call Bruce, (575) 557-0230, if you want to know more about  Schwans Food Delivery.      

★       Can you tell us about your heated pool and the temperature of the pool?  When is the pool open?  

The Painted Pony Resort 20 x 40 foot pool is heated with a combination of geothermal water and solar energy which    extends our swimming season.  The pool is always available and the cover will be opened at your request.  We use solar and geothermal heat the recovery times are longer in the winter. The combination of the two heating sources allows us to keep the pool around 85 degrees from late March to early November. During the winter season (December - Early March) pool temperature will drop and may get as low as 65-70 if we have rain.  Rain water collects on the cover and lowers temperatures very quickly.   Our ecological approach to heating pool water is efficient at keeping temperatures comfortable during the outdoor swimming season.  We do not use gas or electricity to heat the pool.        

★       What eating establishments are close by?

There are 2 eating establishments in Rodeo, The Rodeo Tavern and the Rodeo Cafe.    The Tavern is open Wednesday through Sunday and the cafe is open daily.    In Portal there is also The Portal Cafe.     For additional restaurants take a trip to Douglas, AZ or Lordsburg, NM.  Or if you take a day trip to Bisbee, AZ. It is a tourist town with great restaurants.

★       Please provide information regarding your runway at Painted Pony Resort: Runway is closed.

★       Can we ship equipment and supplies to the Estate?  Do you have the ability to unload trucks loaded with crates?

Yes, you can ship in equipment and supplies ahead of time.  We will store items in a garage or at the hanger.  We can unload trucks but we request that any crates or packages be limited to a maximum of 400 pounds.    

★       Wheelchair Access and Grab Bars:  We have an elderly grandparent who is in a wheel chair.  Are the buildings wheelchair accessible?  Do you have Grab Bars?

Yes all building are one story ranch style and accessible to wheelchair.  We have grab bars in the Main House.  

Are any of the showers wheelchair accessible; the wheelchair is 25 inches wide.  The shower entrance in the main house bathroom is 24" wide but the door may be removable.    There is also low access to the bath tub in the main house master bath.  

We have grab bars in the following areas in the Main House:     

* Shower in Mater Bath    

* Tub in Master Bath     

* Toilet in Mater Bath     

* Toilet in Bath #2     

* Shower / Tub Combination in Bath #2     

* Toilet in Bath #3

Note: The Main House has a double door entrance and can easily provide wheelchair access.  

All the hallways are over 36 inches wide in Main House and the entrance to the Master Bedroom in Main House is a double door with plenty of wheelchair access.  The Bungalow entrance is also over 36 inches with a shower that is 31" wide leading into a double shower and there is a 2" riser at the entrance.       

★       Are there local sources for produce and meats?  Locally raised beef is available from  Powers Ranch in Wilcox.      

★       The local organic farm sells produce in Portal on Saturday mornings:  La Buena Vida Farms .        

★       Do we have access to all 10 bedrooms and the whole complex.  Yes for full rental price.      

★       What is the extra charge for more than 6 people.  $25.00 per night per person.  

★       What is the extra charge for RV’s.  $25.00 per night      

★       Do children count the same as adults?  Please review our Occupancy Policies.      

★       What about infants.  You would need to bring your own portable crib and there is no charge for infants.      

★       Which bedrooms share a bathroom in the main house?   

There is a bath in between BRs 2&3 and another bath in between BRs 4&5.    See the Rental Information Page for complete details on room configurations.      

★       Where is the half bath in the main house?    It is off to the side of the Great Room in a hallway leading to the main house garage.      

★       Is there a public bathroom at the swimming pool?    No, you would need to use a bath in one of the houses.      

★       Are the bedrooms numbered on the door so that those who go early would know which bedroom they are in?    Our On-site estate manager will show people to rooms.  Each room has a key but no number.      

★       Are there fresh towels supplied during our stay or do we wash our own?  We do not have maid service but we do offer a laundry room in the Guest House which you are welcome to use.  You may also contract with our cleaning people for daily maid service if desired.      

★       Are there blinds on all the windows? Yes      

★       Is there an on-site manager that lives on the estate?   

Our Estate Manager lives on the property but in a separate building away from the Main Complex.      

★       Where are RV sites?   

There are 4 (four) RV sites next to the Guest House and 3 (three) RV sites on each side of the Airplane Hanger.      

★       Where is the garage located with the pingpong tables?   

The pool table and pingpong table are both in the main house 3 car garage.      

★       Would the main garage be suitable for crafts?    Yes and the Airplane Hanger would also work for this purpose.      

★       Are there tables that could be used for quilting, art, etc., or do we need to bring our own or rent some nearby?   

We have four tables with chairs.  Addtional tables can be rented from the  The Chiricahua Desert Museum.

★       Is the weather windy with blowing sand?    Weather is not something we can predict.       

★       Is there anyone around there that does a pig roast?   

Yes, this can be arranged by through either Hideout Ranch or The Rodeo Tavern or the The Chiricahua Desert Museum.     

★       Are there local hunting guides?  Yes, depending upon season and targeted game.      

★       Can we bring our Shotguns and shoot clay pigeons?  Yes, people have done this. We have plenty of space but request you stay in the restricted areas designated by our Estate Manager.      

★       Is there fishing close by?  No      

★       Do we need to bring bottled water?  No, the water is great.

★       Are there ATV or Bike rentals and trails to ride there?   

We have 4 bikes and you can also rent bikes in Sierra Vista, AZ.  There are trails in the Mountains and on our 756 acres.  We have plenty of room for your ATV on our property and request you stay on the designed trails.  Our Estate Manager will show the location of trails.       

★       Does Rodeo allow small fireworks like the ones sold in Texas at stands in the summer?   

Yes, you can do fireworks. The airstrip is perfect for this activity.  There is a fireworks store, Phantom Fireworks, as you exit off Interstate 10 to Highway 80 South for Rodeo.      

★       Where is your calendar so we can see availability?  

The web calendar on VRBO PPR Listing Calendar is used for this purpose.        

★       Is the pool totally fenced in?  Yes and you can secure the pool area from small children.      

★       Is the hot tub fenced in?  No, but if you remove the stairs leading into the hot tub this should prevent any small children from being able to get into the hot tub.      

★       What other amenities are available to us with the use of the Guest House?  When you rent the Guest House you get access to our pool and other facilities but not to other buidings.    You can use the outside areas around the main house that includes the grill and large patio and of course the swimming pool.    The pool table, ping pong table, ice machine etc in the Main House Garage are available.         

★       The guest house, as I understand it, has a kitchen so we would be able to do our own meals. Correct?  Yes.      

★       Do you anticipate other groups on site during our rental period?  

We do not rent to more than one group at a time as this would interfere with our objective of a place of privacy to get away and unplug.      

★     Please tell us about what Hikes are available.

There are hikes of all different skill levels and we would be happy to accompany your group on a hike and show you some interesting areas.    There are a number of Hiking Trail Maps on the Bootheal Blog from which to choose.    The easy hikes are all in the bottom of the canyon,   South Fork for example is a level hike in and out and is the most popular birding area, while more adventuresome hikes involved elevation changes.    In addition, the estate itself encompasses 830 acres (over 750 are deeded land with an 80 acre state land in-holding) and it is possible to access the Peloncillo Mountains from the estate.  So open desert hiking is another option.  For guests who have not visited the high desert of New Mexico, the elevation is about 4,000' on the estate and ranges up to about 10,000' at the top of the mountains. In addition, the humidity is generally low so water consumption is a must when hiking.

★      TV:  I know this is a strange and annoying thing to ask, but if you could give me the make and model of the TV, I can plan for any kind of wires or connections to bring along. I also wondered if it was possible to project movies out on the veranda at night; I have a pocket HD projector, and assume it is dark enough. I would only need to jerry rig some kind of screen.  Does the TV have an HD screen, or inputs for a HDMI cable or USB cable? It would be helpful to know which format is best to bring with us.

Answer:  We do not want anyone changing he TV connecitons and or the amplifier connections to the TV.  

Some Questions Asked By Wedding Planners:

1.    Where have ceremonies been held on the property?    

Afternoon ceremonies have been held on the east side of the property using the wedding Bungalow as a place to start the procession.    This takes advantage of the afternoon light on the Peloncillo Mountains as a back drop for the ceremony.    For morning ceremonies the west side of the property is recommended to take advantage of the light on the Chiricahua Mountains as a backdrop.    Also, ceremonies have been performed on the Courtyard using the cabana as a shaded area for the Bride and Groom.

2.    What if the weather is bad, what is plan B?

We have a 2,500 Square Foot Events Building that may be decorated and used for either the ceremony or the wedding banquet.

3.    I have guests who want to camp, are there facilities?

Yes, there is plenty of room for camping on the 756 acre estate and an additional bath house by the Events Building available for campers.    The Air Plane Hanger may also be used as an indoor  area for tents if required.

4.    Tables and chairs?    

We have 4 tables with chairs.  Additional tables and chairs may be rented from The Chiricahua desert museum.

5.    How do we get stuff to PPR?

UPS and FedEx both deliver to PPR and materials may be shipped to the estate manager and stored until your arrival.

6.    May the outdoor furniture be moved?  Yes.

7.    What about all the trash?  We include in the rental a cleaning charge for collecting and deposing of all refuse.

8.    Is there additional lodging in the area?

Yes.  To access information where guests and visitors may find Additional Lodging in the Portal / Rodeo area.        

9.      I know you said there were coffee makers in the kitchens. Do we need to provide the coffee filters? If so, can you let me know what size/kind?  

Answer: There are some coffee filters for the coffee makers.    We use the standard size filters (about 6-8" inch diameter) for the coffee makers, you may want some extras.      

10.      Do we need to provide dish soap?  How about dish towels? Dish cloths?   

Answer: The kitchen is stocked with dish soap, dishwasher soap, dish towels and cloths.    

11.      If anyone needs to do laundry, can we use the washing machine? We will provide laundry detergent.   

Answer: There is a washing machine in the guest house and a laundry room on the north side of the guest house for use by guests in the main house and bungalow.    In addition, there is an iron and ironing table in the laundry room for guests.      

12.      Do we need to provide hand soap for the bathrooms?    We have small bars of soap in each bathroom.

13.      We do need to bring garbage bags?   

Answer: We have garbage bags for all the garbage cans, but any additional big bags, if your expecting large quantities of garbage, would be appreciated.        

14.      Pool towels?  Should we bring pool towels for people staying at other bed and breakfasts around town?    

Answer: There are a dozen large pool towels, 6 in the main house and 6 in guest house.  Each guest also has a large bath towel provided in each bedroom.      

15.      Is there good drinking water at the resort? Should we bring own own drinking water?   

Answer: The water is excellent and comes from wells on the property.

16.      Would you be willing to help transport some of the older guests down to the Events Building using your motorized....?    

Answer:   We do not have this capability unless paid for separately.

17.      Will your ladder reach to the ceiling in the Events Building?   

Answer: Yes, there is a 20 foot extension ladder that will reach to the rafters.

18.      What is the square footage of the Events Building?    

Answer: The hanger is 50 x 50 (2500 square feet).      

19.      How many outlets are in the Events Building? Are there any up high?   

Answer: There are 6 outlets in the Events Building, 2 on each wall about 4 feet off the ground.    Each outlet is a double with 4 plugins for a total of 12.

Frequently Asked Questions