The Painted Pony Resort

An Escape To Tranquil Beauty



Painted Pony Resort is situated in the heart of the San Simon Valley near Rodeo, NM.  Rodeo, NM is nestled in between the Chiricahua and the Pelencillo mountains and has been a boom town more than once thanks to cattle, minerals, and the railroads. The weather has four gentle seasons and the area experiences over 300 sunny days per year. The region is rich in history from the early inhabitants around 1000AD called the Mimbre Indians to the travels of Coronado expeditions 500 years later on the way to the Colorado to the wild west cowboys of the late 1800's including the Earps, Curly Bill Brocious, Billy the kid, and the Clanton Gang.

The Chiricahua Mountains are considered a hikers and birders paradise and offers an amazingly diverse range of micro-climates from the desert at the valley floor to an alpine climate as you climb through the range. The lower elevation Peloncillo Mountains are home to a plethora of desert wildlife and foliage and have some spectacular areas to hike and explore. In the town of Rodeo, NM you'll find a few nicely appointed B&B's, a general store, and the Rodeo Tavern where you can get a cowboy-size meal and a great steak.

Being primarily a ranching area the locals are hard working and family oriented. They welcome newcomers and are always happy to see a new face. Don't be surprised if you get invited to a roping or out to gather cattle if you express even the slightest interest. The amateur astronomy community is strong with many astronomers residing in nearby Portal, AZ at the Arizona Sky Village. You'll find people in the area who are extremely eager to share their passion for astronomy with you. The San Simon Valley and Rodeo, NM  the perfect southwestern vacation spot.

The Gadsden Hotel  in  Douglas , AZ (50 miles south of PPR and Rodeo, NM) has a colorful past perhaps and splendid architecture.  Road trips are a a must when staying at the PPR.  The Road Trip to visit  Douglas  and have lunch at the Gadsden is a favorite.

Geronimo !   Geronimo , the last Indian Chief at war with the US, was captured near this site along HWY 80 between Rodeo and  Douglas , AZ, ending the US Army indian wars.

This is the  Rodeo Tavern .  They have great food and atmosphere.  If you like steak, then this is the place to go.

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The Chiricahua Desert Museum - Half way between PPR and Rodeo is this outstanding new attraction.  This is a must stop on one of your trips to Rodeo!  Also, sponsors of the exclusive PPR Retile Safari.