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★     If we want to have our Wedding Catered or meals prepared for us on-site, is this available?   Yes.

Local cooks prepare delicious meals for you at the resort or cater meals.  You can have them cook to your specifications or allow them to prepare something with of their own, like a Mexican meal with Southwestern flare.   Our food providers will use local fresh vegetables, beef and other items from local suppliers.  The individuals listed below have experience with food preparation and all have been employed at one time or another by our guests.  Please contact them for your needs.

Debbie Barnard of the Rodeo Tavern - (520) 558-2417

Jackie Lewis of the George Walker House (520) 558-2287

Jerry and Jennifer Racicot of La Beuna Vida Farms (520) 558-0036

Kelly's Catering - Kelly Peterson, Animas, NM   (575) 574-0283

Some very tasty catered meals enjoyed by our guests include:

* Grilled steaks with baked potatoes, salad, and asparagus.  Cheese cake with strawberry's for dessert.

* Pork roast, spinach and sweet potato casserole, green beans with carrots, and salad.  Lemonade and tea.  

* Mexican meal with chicken enchiladas and flan for dessert.

★     Where have ceremonies been held on the property?  

Afternoon ceremonies have been held on the east side of the property using the wedding Bungalow as a place to start the procession.  This takes advantage of the afternoon light on the Peloncillo Mountains as a back drop for the ceremony.  For morning ceremonies the west side of the property is recommended to take advantage of the light on the Chiricahua Mountains as a backdrop.  Also, ceremonies have been held under the Cabana on the Courtyard.

★     What if we need extra plates and dinnerware?  

One of our wedding parties shipped in several boxes of disposables for their wedding.  The items looked very nice.  This may be a good resource for your wedding.  The resource is called “Smarty Had A Party.” .

★     What if the weather is bad, what is plan B?

There is a 50' x 50' enclosed Events Building that may be decorated and used for either the ceremony or the wedding banquet.

★     I have guests who want to camp, are there facilities?

Yes, there is plenty of room for camping on the 700+ acre estate and an additional bath house by the Events Building is available for campers.  In addition, there are 5 RV hookups on the property.  The hanger may also be used as an indoor camping area if required.

★      How do we get stuff to PPR?

UPS and FedEx both deliver to PPR and materials may be shipped to the estate manager which will be stored until your arrival.

★     May the outdoor furniture be moved for a ceremony on the Courtyard?

Yes, you are welcome to move the outdoor furniture.  Chair and tables can be rented from Chiricahua Museum or Romantic Realities.

★     What about all the trash?

We include in the rental a charge for collecting and deposing of all refuse.

★     Is there additional lodging in the area?

To access information where guests and visitors may find Additional Lodging in the Portal / Rodeo area.

★     For one of our weddings the following services were used:  

-   Tables and chairs came from Romantic Realities in Douglas.  They delivered and picked up everything.

-   The photographer was from Douglas, Angelina's Photography 520-364-4379

-   DJ - Mario Garcia 575-956-5369 email  Silver City New Mexico

-  Another DJ in Arizona who is doing the music for the 4th of July dance in Rodeo this year.

★     Local catholic priests for the wedding ceremony if interested: One, Fr. Joh Weaver, is from St Joseph's in Lordsburg and is the priest at the mission in Rodeo.  The other, Fr. Sam Garcia, is a retired priest who lives locally and will preside over events.

★     May 2013 Wedding:  

Couple use Don Iverson for wedding pictures.

Don Iverson


Another local photographer is Tim Lawson.  He can be reached at 503 314 0089.  

The guests also availed themselves of beef from the Powers Ranch.  The beef was excellent and made for outstanding grilling.  They also used a Tucson bakery for the wedding cakes which were outstanding.  They had a quarto leche (4 milk) cake and a chocolate peanut butter cake which both tasted great.  Here is the information regarding this bakery:

                     Nadines Bakery

                    4553 E. Broadway Blvd.

                    Tucson, AZ 85711


Beverages:  The Rodeo Tavern can order kegs and provide other beverages.  The liquor store in Douglas has kegs on hand as well as everything else.

Beverage Warehouse #2

1330 San Antonio Ave.

Douglas, AZ 85607


From one of our Brides - I have a few additional questions for you regarding the resort:

1)     I know you said there were coffee makers in the kitchens. Do we need to provide the coffee filters? If so, can you let me know what size/kind?  Answer: There are some coffee filters for the coffee makers.  We use the standard size filters (about 6-8" inch diameter) for the coffee makers, you may want some extras.

1)     Do we need to provide dish soap?  How about dish towels? Dish cloths?  Answer: The kitchen is stocked with dish soap, dishwasher soap, dish towels and cloths.  Dirty dish towels may be washed if needed.

1)     If anyone needs to do laundry, can we use the washing machine? We will provide laundry detergent.  Answer: There is a washing machine in the guest house and a laundry room on the north side of the guest house for use by guests in the main house and bungalow.  In addition, there is an iron and ironing table in the laundry room for guests.

1)     Do we need to provide hand soap for the bathrooms?  Answer: No need for hand soap.  We have liquid soap dispensers in each bathroom and provide bar soap and shampoo for each guest, placed in the bedrooms.

1)     We do need to bring garbage bags?  Answer: We have garbage bags for all the garbage cans, but any additional big bags, if your expecting large quantities of garbage, would be appreciated.

1)     Pool towels?  Should we bring pool towels for people staying at other bed and breakfasts around town?   Answer: There are a dozen large pool towels, 6 in the main house and 6 in guest house.  Of course each guest also has a large bath towel provided in each bedroom.

1)     Is there good drinking water at the resort? Should we bring own own drinking water?  Answer: The water is good and comes from wells on the property, a 300' well and a 500' well.  There is filtered drinking water in the both kitchens and on the refrigerators.  You may bring additional drinking water or use containers since this is the high desert with low humidity and folks spending time outside can become dehydrated and probably should carry some water with them as they move about.

1)     Would you be willing to help transport some of the older guests down to the Events Building using your motorized....?   Answer:   Yes, we would be happy to drive folks down to the hanger using the Kubota.

1)     Will your ladder reach to the ceiling in the Events Building as we want to hang some decorations from the rafters?  Answer: Yes, there is a 20 foot extension ladder that will reach the rafters.

1)     What is the square footage of the Events Building?   Answer: The Events Building is 50 x 50 (2500 square feet).

How many outlets are in the Events Building? Are there any up high?  Answer: There are 6 outlets in the hanger, 2 on each wall about 4 feet off the ground.  Each outlet is a double with 4 plugins for a total of 12

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